Youth Rowing Club in Williamsburg

Pain has a different meaning to the Williamsburg Boat Club Juniors coaches – and probably to anyone else passionate about crew, or rowing.

It isn’t something to shy away from or be defeated by. They not only embrace it; they chase it.

“It is so incredibly painful when it’s done right,” said WBC Juniors coach Tom Rooks. “And therefore, the fulfillment, the euphoria you can get from rowing, is pretty spellbinding. It’s overwhelming.”


“You do it right,” said coach Graham Ludmer, “it’s unlike any other level of exhaustion I’ve felt in another sport.”

Rooks, Ludmer and Jason Mitchell lead the WBC Juniors, a high school club less than a year old that is experiencing significant growth. The club started with five participants for a camp last summer, grew to 14 in the fall and featured 27 for the spring season, which wrapped on Saturday in a dual meet against a Virginia Beach team

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Learn more about the Williamsburg Boat Club for Juniors here

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