Geocaching at New Quarter Park April 13

Join Ann Walters, volunteer and avid geocacher, at New Quarter Park to learn more about the outdoor treasure hunting game called Geocaching on Saturday, April 13, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. All you need to play is a handheld GPS or a GPS-enabled Smartphone and access to the official Geocaching website on the Internet at
Geocachers navigate to specific sets of GPS coordinates and attempt to find the Geocache container hidden at a location. There are about a dozen caches hidden at New Quarter Park and about 60 others located within 5 miles. But that’s not all: geocaches are hidden in nearly 2 million locations worldwide.  Geocaching is a great way to see places you wouldn’t normally find.  It’s a great activity for families, Individuals, or couples. Kids of all ages love a good treasure hunt!
New Quarter Park is located in upper York County at 1000 Lakeshead Drive, next to the Queens Lake neighborhood.  For more information, call York County Parks and Recreation (Monday to Friday, 757-890-3513) or New Quarter Park (Friday to Sunday, 757-890-5840).


There’s treasures to be found throughout the Williamsburg VA area. The trek begins with you…and a GPS device. It’s called geocaching, an outdoors adventure game played all over the world where you go out and find hidden treasures left by other geocachers. As the warm temperatures start to blanket the Hampton Roads area, instead of looking for fun, why not be the fun?

If you have access to a GPS device, mount one on your bike and start tracking down items. You can find anything from geocoins, collectible coins that can be tracked online. Or you can create your own and activate its own new adventures. You can also get bit with a travel bug. This is can be any track able item; from an old toy to a small journal that collects each geocahcer’s story along the way. Groundspeak, the organizers of geocaching, will often host promotional items giving people the chance to help raise money for fundraising campaigns to winning 4X4 Jeeps. You can add your fun to the quest by creating a riddle or puzzle in order for the next person to figure out where you’ve hidden some treasure.

To get started, visit  and register to participate in the action. After logging on, find a benchmark and see who has hidden what-if they’re willing to tell. After you log in your coordinates into your GPS, oil up your bike chain, grab your helmet, and start searching the town. This is also a good way to get exercise and appreciate other beautiful landmarks in your neighborhood. Take your family, make an outing of it with friends, or get away by yourself and see what you can discover.