Team Flash-Youth Track and Field

Entering its 12th year, Team Flash has partnered with James City County Department of Parks and Recreation to promote fitness to Williamsburg, VA area youth through the sport of Track and Field. Since its inception the team has helped hundreds of athletes to discover their passion for running.  Started by Bernard Canaday, Team Flash has provided the foundation for numerous young athletes to compete successfully at the state, regional and national level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate in the Team Flash Youth Track & Field?


Team Flash Track Club is available to athletes from 7 -18 years old.

What are the different age groups and what is the birth date cutoff?
The athlete will participate in the age group determined by the athletes age as of 12/31 of the current year.
The age groups are:
Sub-Bantam: 8 and under
Bantam: 10 and under
Midget: 11 and 12
Youth: 13 and 14
Intermediate: 15 and 16
Young: 17 and 18

What are the track and field events?


50 Meter
100 Meter
200 Meter
400 Meter
1500 Meter
3000 Meter (Bantam and up)
*Hurdles (Midget and up)
4X100 Relay
4×400 Relay
Field Events:
Long Jump
Triple Jump (Youth and up)
Shot Put
High Jump (Bantam and up)
Note: Age groups are typically allowed to participate in 3 races, two field events, and two relays at most meets.
*Hurdles may not be contested at most of the developmental meets.

What does the registration fee include?
The registration fee is $60 for all athletes. The fee covers, track equipment, ribbons and awards, team liability insurance, developmental meet fees, AAU annual membership, and end of season party.
All fees must be paid prior to participating in practice. Fees are refundable within the first two weeks of practice if the athlete should decide to withdraw.
Team Flash Youth Track Club is non-profit. All funds will be used to the benefit of the club.


Uniform costs are separate and I will have information soon. Uniform costs will range from around $15 to $50
Is parent attendance required at practices and meets?
Yes. A parent or designated adult is required to be in attendance during all practices and meets. The coaches will be responsible for the athlete while on the track, however should a child need to leave the track for any reason, a parent or designated adult will need to take responsibility of the athlete.
Who are the coaches?
We are lucky to have such great coaches. Our talented sprinting and jumping coaches are Coach Turner and Coach Willis. Our distance team is lead by Lafayette senior Jennifer Brooks and many athletes from local HS running programs.  Race-walking is Rich Higgins, head coach for Walsingham Academy. For throws we have Kevin Brooks, Asst coach at Lafayette HS along with HS athletes. We love to get the kids from different high schools together helping. When they teach the kids, they re-learn the skills.
What are my volunteer obligations?.
Managing a team of 100 plus kids ranging from 7-18 requires a lot of support and help from the parents and all levels of assistance is appreciated.

What form of communication is used by the club to reach parents/athletes?
All communication is handled via e-mail via and the website,
If a practice will be canceled, Ellen will typically send an email by 3pm so it will be important to use an email that you can monitor during the day. A message will also be left on Ellen’s voicemail greeting. Typically, we will always have practice. We do not mind practicing in the rain, but if it is lightning or thundering we will send everyone home.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?
The athletes/parents are responsible for transportation to all meets.
There are shirts and sweatshirts for sale, however purchase is optional.
A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete. Spikes are optional, however most athletes above Sub-Bantam purchase them.

What running gear does my child need?
Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include warm ups/sweats (earlier in the season), running shorts, long, short sleeved, and sleeveless shirts. Running spikes are an option, they are not required.
It is required that all athletes bring water and/or sports drinks to practices and meets.
Recommendation: Put your child’s name on everything they bring to the track, including drinks.

What are the practice times and where?
Practices will be 2 days a week, Mondays and Thursday unless reschedule is necessary due to weather or track availability due to sports taking place at the high school track. All practices will take place at Lafayette High School.

What can I expect at practices?
At 5:30 sharp, athletes are to take a minimum 1 lap warm up jog and then proceed to the far end of the field for stretching. After stretching and announcements, kids will break off into groups: Sprinting (includes long jump and hurdlers), Distance, Throwing, Race-walking and 8 and under. The athletes will spend the remainder of practice in their groups.
Note: Please do not have the athletes eat heavily or consume dairy products before practices. Ensure they are properly hydrated and have had a healthy snack before arriving.


What can I expect at meets?
The first meet will be an All-comers meet in late March at Lafayette during practice. This will serve as a �warm up�h for our big home meet on April 24th called the Newtown Invitational. This meet is an all day, Saturday meet and it takes place at Warhill High School. We will need to know as soon as possible if your child will not be able to participate in this meet.

If your child participates in another sport, i.e. baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, you can typically participate in some portion of the meet and leave for your other sport. We have many parents that bring their kids for as much of the meet as possible and head to the other sport and return later. The coaches are accustomed to that and will work with you. Just let them know in advance when the child will be arriving and leaving so we know when to expect them and whether we can get them signed in for an event.
There is not a set time schedule for the events, however, there is an order of events for the races/field events so you will be able to get a general sense of the time of day for an event.
The developmental season ends in June. Most of the children continue to the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) qualifier meet the first weekend in June. In order to advance further, the athlete HAS to participate in that meet. These meets are qualifying meets so the athlete has to qualify to advance to the next meet. If qualified, there is a Regional meet in early July and Nationals (late July).
Bring ample fluids, sunscreen, and healthy snacks to the meets. Bring enough for a full day. Recommendation is to have umbrellas for shade or rain, blankets for cool mornings (although the Newtown Invitational always seems to be on the hottest day), chairs, and stadium seats. Depending on the weather forecast, you can be prepared to bring what you need and what will make you comfortable. The club has a tent that is set up for the team, and some parents opt to bring their own as well. There are usually enough tents available between the club, coaches, and parents.
Note: Please ensure the athletes are properly rested, have had a healthy breakfast, and are properly hydrated before arriving to the meet. Avoid dairy products before and during meets.

Where can I buy running shoes/spikes?
You can buy running shoes at any of the sports stores. However, Colonial Sports has a knowledgeable staff, and a wide selection. Jim has special 15% off deals for our team with youth sizes available.