Skydiving in Petersburg

The Best Place To Skydive In Virginia!

Virginia Sky Diving Center in Petersburg has been giving people unbelievable memories for years. Located in Petersburg , VA, it is convenient to Richmond, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. We offer tandem and Accelerated Freefall (AFF) skydiving instruction

We offer Instructor Assisted Deployment skydives as a first jump method for those who want to make a solo jump and experience a few seconds of freefall. You will climb out of the airplane flying at 4,000 feet, with an instructor next to you for assistance. Think of it as climbing on a jungle gym almost a mile above the earth while flying at 80 mph! As you let go of the airplane, your instructor initiates the deployment of your main parachute for you! You will go through a four to six hour course covering aircraft exit procedures, freefall body control, parachute landing, and emergency procedures. There is no greater way to experience skydiving than to do it all yourself! IAD provides an economical way to start towards your skydiving license!

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