James City 4-H Archery Club

James City County 4-H Archery Club

The James City County  4-H Archery Club promotes youth interest in natural resources and related natural sciences programs through archery target shooting.  Students learn safe and responsible use of archery equipment to develop decision making, self-discipline, and concentration.  Participants learn about range and equipment safety, eye dominance, parts of the bow, parts of an arrow, basic archery form, and development of technique.  The 4-H Archery Club holds two monthly meetings throughout the year and provides the opportunity for youth to prepare for and to compete in the State 4-H Archery Shoot. The 4-H Archery Club provides all equipment necessary for participation. In order to maintain and purchase future equipment, a fee of $30 per season will be charged. There are scholarships available for those that qualify.  The club is also looking for responsible adult volunteers to become trained as 4-H archery instructors.  Fees will be waived for adults that commit to volunteering for two seasons as an instructor.

Click here for the 2011 – 2012 4-H Archery Schedule!

Click here to email the 4-H Archery Club Leader!

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