Kidsburg/ Mid County Park Updates March 2012

mid county parkSeveral renovation and construction projects are underway at Kidsburg/ Mid County Park in James City County. These projects are consistent with the Board of Supervisors approved Mid County Park Master Plan to shift activities from organized team sports to more community recreation, such as use of the walking trails, basketball and tennis courts. The park, which opened in 1985, is also in much need of repair—aging equipment, safety and parking are all critical issues.


Improvement projects include:

● Removal of lighting and fencing from the baseball fields has been completed. The demolition of press boxes and dugouts is scheduled next. Lighting, including fixtures from the park, are currently being installed at the Warhill Sports Complex and at the Jamestown High School baseball and softball fields to compensate for lighting lost at Mid County Park.
● Grading of the field area. The field will be designed with large open space and landscaping to provide patrons opportunities for more self paced activities such as picnics, ball play, kite-flying and other such
● A new Kidsburg. As the planning and design continues, the focus is on replacing the wooden playground structures. The new playground will be more modern, but many of the current Kidsburg themes will remain. One new element being considered as an addition to the new playground is a “spray pad.” A spray pad is not a water park, but one small area for water play that has no standing water. Typically there are ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad’s rain deck.

imageIn most cases, the water is either freshwater, or recycled and treated water which is typically treated to at least the same level of quality as swimming pool water standards. Some elements of a spray pad can be used year round as additional playground features. These  photo are of examples of typical splash pads. All new park features, including the spray pad, will be considered as park improvement funding permits

● Replacement of the park building. A new park building will feature larger restroom facilities, meeting
space, vending areas and an office. Renovation will be completed in stages and should be finished by
spring 2013.
● Many park amenities will remain including the basketball, tennis and volleyball courts and the walking trail.




Did You Purchase A Fence Picket?

If you purchased a fence picket at Kidsburg, and would like it back, please call (757) 592-0495 and leave your name, the name on the picket, your phone number and a message.

The pickets will be available for pick up in fall 2013 when playground renovations are scheduled to begin. A plaque will also be installed at the park to honor its history and those individuals and businesses who supported the park through fence picket purchases and as volunteers.

Throughout the renovations, we’ll keep you informed of our progress. Subsequent updates will detail the proposed new park layout and design concepts for the new Kidsburg. For more information, call (757) 259-5360 or visit



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