4H Specialty Camps in Jamestown

Cloverbud Camp
June 23-24; July 28-29
Ages 5-8

This 1-day, overnight camp introduces youth ages 5-8 to the overnight camping experience. No previous experience in 4-H is necessary. These programs provide educational and recreational opportunities that are age-appropriate and supervised by Teen Leaders, Adult Volunteers, 4-H Center Camp Staff, as well as Extension Agents and the 4-H Center Program Director. Cloverbud camps are typically held multiple times through-out the year. Campers at this age are full of energy and creativity and we facilitate age-appropriate activities that encourage positive growth and leadership while introducing them to the Camp experience.

Science Camp
October 12-14, 2012
Ages 9-13

"Out of this World" Science Camp is a 2-day overnight camp providing youth ages 9-13 the fun and educational experience of being involved in a variety of science-oriented activities. Past sessions include DNA extraction from strawberries, CSI, Life in a Rotting Log, exploring the 4-H Center reptiles, introduction into the natural sciences, hikes, and much more! Campers will participate in traditional camp activities such as campfire, evening programs, songs, etc. Watch out – this camp fills up FAST!


Teen Weekend
November 9-11, 2012
Ages 14-18

Teen Weekend is dedicated to the teens through-out the Southeast district of Virginia that volunteer their time and leadership skills to so many campers. Although 4-H membership is not necessary, leadership and 4-H curriculum will be covered. The schedule allows for the teens to participate in classes and recreation time while including social time with their peers as well. Teens are directly involved with their peers and the staff while having a fun, educational, and safe experience at the 4-H Center.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Center’s Program Director for more information. For a current calendar of Camps and Programs available, you can also visit our Calendar of Events page.

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