Revving up for Rev3 Triathlon in Williamsburg

As almost 1,000 athletes head into town this weekend for the Rev3 triathlon, officials are trying to head off the widespread outrage race-related traffic snarls sparked last year.

“Our main concern is letting our residents know which area is going to be congested,” said county spokeswoman Renee Dallman. “The majority of the race is going to be in James City County, and we’re hoping any disruptions are going to be minimal compared to last year.”

And while more than 900 people have signed up for the race on Sunday, that’s down to about half of last year’s attendance.


“Last year it was written up by Triathlon Magazine as the most-anticipated race of the year,” said Bob Harris, vice president of tourism with the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance. “Part of it last year was first-year excitement. A lot of people doing this were doing it for the first time, and without a lot of experience with triathlons.”

More of the story here

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